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Hundreds of workouts that work around your schedule, accessible anytime, anywhere! All-Access Subscription will include Live-Streaming NEW for 2021! 日本語のビデオとライブストリームもあります!

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Hi Everyone! We’re corporate women turned Radio City Rockettes turned fitness professionals! All our lives we’ve managed to maintain a balanced workout schedule in spite of rigorous sitting jobs to professional dancing jobs to the biggest challenge...AGING! Let us help you, too! We’ll get you stronger, longer and leaner!
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    Read what some of our subscribers are saying!

    I look trimmer and more importantly, feel stronger and more fit than I have in a long while. It is something special to have a connection with two women who I have never "met", but are in my living room with me 3-4 mornings a week - but there you - both with your incredible expertise and smiles! I am so very grateful! Thank you for being a part of my fitness and health journey!


    I take you with me when I travel… even if I can only do 20 minutes I’m good, especially because you give very specific instruction that is easy to follow on the most basic of exercises to the most advanced. The variety keeps the workouts interesting and challenging for my body. I LOVE the ability to look up each exercise for a tutorial on proper execution. THANK YOU!!!


    As a busy working mom who loves to exercise, I have tried so many different exercise clubs, video tapes, and workout programs but they were expensive, boring or never fit my schedule. This year, after doing a search for online exercise sites, I found this. I cannot believe how great the workout videos are. Katherine and her sister Kimberly do such a good job of leading the exercises, I feel like I know them personally. And there are so many different videos to choose from, even with different pieces of pilates equipment!


    Katherine & Kimberly have a teaching style that is upbeat and fun while still mindful of proper technique and execution. Their extensive library of workouts never fails to disappoint. I love the variety: I can do stability ball, BoSu, or pure Pilates, 10 minutes to 60 minutes depending on my schedule. Their live classes are energetic, engaging and invigorating.


    “I can’t wait for the live-streaming! I am a mother of two kids and I live in a very small one-bedroom apartment in NYC and did live-streaming with Katherine & Kimberly all summer. Despite the extreme space (and equipment) limitations, you found ways to provide me with the most challenging, creative and rewarding workout EVERY week, helping me sweat and find strength and power in myself. After every session, I felt more motivated and inspired to keep working out harder. I appreciate detailed attention to form and always find ways to make it fun, too. So excited to supplement my in-studio training with your new live-streaming starting in January!"


    I have been teaching Pilates Mat and Barre for a while, and now online for 9 months, and I'm always looking for ways to vary the classes as much as I can so the people don’t get bored. I cycle through using ring, stretch band, light hand weights, foam roller, and small ball in my Mat classes. Any variation to the standard exercises keeps them engaged at this point (and me too, tbh). I need mat variations, new ideas for warm-ups, ways to modify for seniors, using hand weights in Barre, and you all deliver!

    Janet, Pittsburgh

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